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Za’atar Lamb Loin Chops Feeling lazy on Monday? Oh yes, we just come back from …

Za’atar Lamb Loin Chops

🤨Feeling lazy on Monday? Oh yes, we just come back from the trip, I got sunburn 😆 and a little jet-lagged.
🥩I found these fresh chops from wholefoods and decided to go with simple ingredients, especially Za’atar spice from collectedfoods.
🥩The chops were juicy and aroma from the spice.
💞This post is for the Za’atar round competition.
❣️If you’re interested in any SPICES, especially Za’atar powder, go to my bio link & select Collected Foods collectedfoods and use code: “JaHome10” to get the 20% discount instead of 10% (extra discount only valid during competition).

👉Za’atar powder collectedfoods x 2 teaspoons
👉Grass-Fed Lamb loin chop wholefoods x 4
👉Lemon juice x 2 tablespoons
👉Rosemary wholefoods x 4
👉Olive oil x 1 tablespoon

➡Marinate the chops with the seasonings ahead.
➡Air Fryer cuisinart : 19-20 minutes with 375F.

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