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Tuna and Kimchee Stew It’s Friday and also dinner time now! I got this idea fro…

Tuna and Kimchee Stew

🧡It’s Friday and also dinner time now!
🧡I got this idea from savory_amai to make this flavorful one-pot meal. I was excited to give it a try!
🍲Hooray! It’s satisfying & I love the fragrance from anchovies, and I find a great way to get rid of the canned tuna.

👉Sesame oil ottogiamerica
👉Tiny Anchovies x 2 tablespoons (optional) (stir-fried)
👉Garlic x 3
👉Onion x half
👉Scallion x 2
👉Korean canned Tuna x 1
👉Chicken broth (less sodium)
👉Soy sauce x 1-2 tablespoons
👉White mushroom
👉Napa cabbage
👉Soft tofu x half block
👉Vermicelli x 2
👉Egg x 1

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