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Tri-Color Tortellini with Truffle Sauce Tortellini for Thursday? How do you se…

Tri-Color Tortellini with Truffle Sauce

💚Tortellini for Thursday?
💛How do you settle your dinner? I’m a lazy person during the workday, so I want an easy and quick meal.
🧡This is how I make use of the traderjoes truffle sauce & powder. And I like the tri-color pasta to brighten the day.

Ingredients lecreuset :
👉Tri Color Cheese Tortellini wholefoods x half pack (boil about 3-4 minutes)
👉Roma tomatoes x 2
👉Avocado oil x 1-2 tablespoons
👉Garlic x 2-3 (cut in slices)
👉Black truffle sauce traderjoes x 90g
👉Truffle powder x a pinch (adjust according to your taste)
👉Mushroom umami powder traderjoes x a pinch
👉Salt to taste
👉Sugar to taste
👉Water x 10ml (adjust accordingly)

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