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Tom Yum Fettuccine National Hot & Spicy Food Day A little extra kick is alway…

Tom Yum Fettuccine

🌶National Hot & Spicy Food Day🌶
🌶 A little extra kick is always a good thing!😉 So here we are just CHILL in together with this collaboration to spice things up! 🔥🔥🤗
🌶I’m not fond of this Fettucine texture, so I try to prepare it with Tom Yum to make it tastier.
💞Thanks to all the hosts for organizing this hot & spicy food Collab : omgheebyjerilee bless_2_bliss fo_odexplorer jessbakesnmore

Ingredients lecreuset :
👉Avocado oil
👉Pancetta traderjoes
👉Red bell pepper
👉Yellow bell pepper
👉Brown mushroom
👉Yellow onion
👉Brussel sprouts
👉Tom Yum paste mekhalaliving
👉Fettuccine costco
👉Pasta water

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