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TangZhong Pull Apart Bread (Part 1& Original & Mocha flavor Weekly stable break…

TangZhong Pull Apart Bread
(Part 1️⃣)

🤎Original & Mocha flavor
🤎Weekly stable breakfast

✴️For Starter (prepare one day ahead)
👉Bread flour x 40g
👉Milk x 200g

✴️Main Dough
👉Bread flour x 560g
👉Sugar x 60g
👉Salt x 1/4 teaspoon
👉Instant yeast x 3.0 teaspoons
👉Dry milk x 20g
👉Milk x 250g
👉Egg x 1
👉Tang Zhong starter
👉Sliced Almonds
👉Unsalted butter x 50g

✴️Mocha dough:
👉Cocoa powder x 13g
👉Instant coffee x 1/2 teaspoons
👉Hot water x 3 tablespoons

👉Mung bean paste
👉Dried fish floss with olive mayo

👉Black sesame seeds
👉Eye balls candy

➡️Kitchenaid machine working on dough about 15 minutes
➡️Divide the dough into 2 small dough, one is original and the other half is Mocha flavor
➡️The other half of the dough mix with Mocha flavor and continue knead with KitchenAid for few more minutes
➡️First proofing about 55 minutes with Instant Pot (set the Yogurt mode with low pressure)
➡️When the dough is ready, then divide equally for about 9 small dough about 80g each (for pull apart bread)
➡️Divide 4 medium dough about 110g for loaf 🍞
➡️Second proofing for 15 minutes and can work on the shape with fillings
➡️Third proofing about 40 minutes
➡️Milk brush before baking
➡️Convection bake at 350F for 25-30 minutes

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