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Spaghetti with Hot Dogs The hot dog is a basic ingredient. I decided to prepare…

Spaghetti with Hot Dogs

🌭The hot dog is a basic ingredient. I decided to prepare it with pasta.
🍝 I like how this thin spaghetti quickly absorbs all juices from the tomatoes and the flavor from the hot dog.
🍝A simple and satisfying meal for dinner!
💞Here is the post to contribute Hot Dog dish & thanks to our hosts: antoniliscious giawside_foodyard kovac.kitchen thelittlechefinsid

Ingredients lecreuset :
👉Angel hair spaghetti safeway x 8oz (boil in hot water about 4 minutes)
👉Olive oil x 1-2 tablespoons
👉Garlic x 4 gloves
👉Hot dog costco x 1 pack
👉Tomato x 3 (cut in slices)
👉Cherry tomato x 20-25 (slice them in half)
👉White wine x 15ml
👉Paprika powder x 1/4 teaspoon
👉Salt to taste
👉Sugar x ½ teaspoon
👉Mushroom Umami powder x 1/4 teaspoon
👉Black pepper x ½ teaspoon
👉Garlic powder x ½ teaspoon
👉Pasta water
👉Dried Parsley

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