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Sourdough Waffles with Berries Happy Friday Welcome to our Summer Breakfast C…

Sourdough Waffles with Berries 🍓🫐

❣️Happy Friday🤩
🧇Welcome to our Summer Breakfast Collab 🧇🤝
🧇This is My Summer Breakfast Sourdough Waffles, the texture is soft and fluffy.
🧇Recipe adapted from autumn.kitchen
❣️You can go to my bio link & select NuNature for getting date syrup, and use promo code: JA10 to get the 10% discount.
💕 Thanks to the amazing hosts of for organizing this Summer Breakfast Collaboration: preet_aarzu food_hunt_chd secretofkitchen099 largeonepumpkin

1️⃣Ingredients A:
👉All purpose flour x 100g
👉Levain x 100g
👉Oat milk x 150g

2️⃣Ingredients B:
👉Egg x 1
👉Sugar x 10g
👉Melted butter x 47g
👉Salt x ¼ tsp
👉Baking soda x ½ tsp

👉Strawberry 🍓
👉Date syrup nunature_superfoods

➡Prepare part A batter and keep in the fringe for overnight.
➡Second day, have a separate bowl and prepare part B and mix.
➡Mix part A & part B together.
➡Ready to pour batter on to mini waffle iron & bake.

🧇Summer is a season of SUNSHINE.. To shine BRIGHT and feel the BRILLIANCE of food alongside summer breakfast has a soothing CHARM which cannot be denied .. so lets roll in the FUN and make the best of what the season has to offer!! 😍🤗
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