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Sourdough TangZhong Hojicha Milk Bread Here is the SD Tangzhong bread recipe I …

Sourdough TangZhong Hojicha Milk Bread

🍞Here is the SD Tangzhong bread recipe I promised to share last week from the toast post.
🍞I love how soft and fluffy bread loaf with natural and wild yeast.
🍞I know I have spammed about Hojicha post recently! But I’m a tea lover, so I would love to infuse tea into my baking goods.
🍞It wasn’t easy for me to find the right recipe. So I watched many videos and blogs to get the ratio. And it turns out pretty good!

1️⃣For Water Roux Starter
👉Bread flour kingarthurbaking x 40g
👉Whole Milk x 200g
➡Prepare one day ahead, cook with low, medium heat, and it takes less than 5 minutes

2️⃣Levain (about 12hours):
👉Starter x 50g
👉Bread flour kingarthurbaking x 105g
👉Water x 105ml
➡Prepare one night ahead

3️⃣Main Dough (1.5 Loaf) :
👉Bread flour kingarthurbaking x 300g
👉Whole wheat flour kingarthurbaking x70g
👉Hojicha powder hojicha.co x 8g
👉Oats x 1 tablespoon
👉Honey x 30g
👉Salt x 6g
👉Dry milk powder bobsredmill x 20g
👉Whole Milk x 50g (+/-)
👉Egg x 1
👉Levain x 260g
👉Tang Zhong starter
👉Unsalted butter x 15g

➡1st Proofing with the Instant Pot instantpotofficial with Yogurt mode, choose “Low” for about 1 hour.
➡Then divide the dough to 4-5. Shape and keep them inside the loaf pan.
➡2nd Proofing inside cuisinart about 85F for 4-5 hours or wait until they got double.
➡️Egg brush on top of the bread before baking
➡Convection Bake at 350°F for 30 minutes.

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