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Silky Soy Milk Pudding aka 豆腐花aka Tau Fu Fah Happy Father’s Day ~ I just wished…

Silky Soy Milk Pudding aka 豆腐花aka Tau Fu Fah

💕Happy Father’s Day ~ I just wished my dad (MY time zone)
💝Father’s Day Appreciation💝
🍮This soy milk pudding is one of the most common street foods we can enjoy from the night market in Malaysia.
🍮I remember my dad loved to order either soy milk or Tao Fu Fah from the hawker stall. I love both.
🍮I made this simple & easy soy milk pudding with a few ingredients. This pudding is perfect for the current warm weather! 🥵
🍮I like this pudding pair with black pearls and Trader Joe’s ginger maple syrup.
💞I would like to dedicate this contribution to Father’s Day Appreciation Collab hosted by me & my 3 other lovely foodie friends — hakka.moi sineyrecipes & daniellevaz35
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👉Gelatin powder x 20g
👉Cold Water x 160ml
➡Rest for 5 minutes

👉Unsweetened soy milk traderjoes x 800ml
➡Cook over low heat.
➡Add in the ready gelatin.
➡Stir to combine.
➡Strain the mixture and fill into the molds.
➡Fridge for at least 5 hours.

👉Black pearl
👉Ginger maple syrup traderjoes

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