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Potted Plant Mango I wasn’t planning to make this dessert. However, I have the…

Potted Plant Mango 🥭

🥭I wasn’t planning to make this dessert. However, I have the leftover mango mixture (which is supposed to prepare for ice cream but failed) & I made this Chocolate Mango Mousse.
🍫The texture is so creamy and deliciously rich, especially with some cacao powder instead of Oreo cookies that made the dessert leveled up. I will have more dessert posts coming up soon.
🥭So don’t waste the food, and here how I improvised made use of mango mixture.
❣️Here is the post to contribute this superb hosts by saartjebakttaartjes casadelavida.nl
🥭 BTW, this dessert to chill down the mood as the sales tax rate for most of the counties under California will rise starting July 1st tomorrow. 😌

1️⃣For the Base:
👉Crushed Pure Butter Shortbread (Walkers brand)

👉Strawberry (cut in thin slices)
👉Mango mixture (Mango puree 100g, heavy cream 100g & condensed milk 70g)
👉Mango puree (blended with fresh mango without adding any water)
👉Cocoa powder hersheys to dust
👉Mint leaves for decoration

➡️Start with the base of the crushed cookies and press it tightly with a spoon.
➡️Arrange the strawberries around the edges of the cups.
➡️1st layer- scoop some mango mixture inside the cup
➡️2nd layer – scoop some mango puree inside the cup
➡️3rd layer – spoon some mango mixture inside the cup (the number of layers depends on the tall of the cup)
➡️Refrigerate for at least 3 hours or overnight.
➡️Dust some cacao powder and ready to serve.

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