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Oreo Burnt Cheesecake I decided to bake this Oreo Burnt Cheesecake, it may not…

Oreo Burnt Cheesecake 🍫

🍫I decided to bake this Oreo Burnt Cheesecake, it may not be ordinary, but I got inspired by Uncle Tetsu.
🍰I made 2 cakes, one for my sister’s husband for his birthday & I kept a mini cake.
🍰The cake was fantastic, especially with crushed cookies as a base. I love the crunch.
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🍫Can get the Oreos from the costco for a decent value!!

🤎It’s kind of last-minute for me to join this collaboration titled Mini Cake, here’s my humble contribution and hosted by:

Ingredients for one 6 inch cake mold & one 24oz Le Creuset pot:
For the Base:
👉Crushed Oreos x 200g
👉Crushed Biscoff x 30g
👉Butter, melted x 75g

For the cake:
👉 Cream cheese x 430g
👉 White sugar x 30g
👉 Eggs x 3 (one by one when pouring)
👉 All Purpose flour x 20g
👉 Heavy cream x 270g
👉 Crushed Oreo x 100g

➡Convection Bake at 410F for 25 mins and then 425F for 5 mins (depends on how burnt you preferred on the top)

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