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No-Bake Mango & Matcha Madness It’s Friday. Is it okay to go a little crazy ab…

No-Bake Mango & Matcha Madness

💚It’s Friday. Is it okay to go a little crazy about Matcha?! Please don’t mind me having generous Matcha powder. That’s the best part of DIY at home!!
🥭The last version of using the leftover mango mixture, absolutely zero waste!!
❣Here is the post to contribute this superb hosts by saartjebakttaartjes casadelavida.nl

👉Matcha powder senchanaturals costco x 5g
👉Hot water x 50ml
➡Mix them and set them aside
👉 Wholefoods Ladyfingers x 4-6
➡Dip each ladyfingers into the Matcha mixture.
👉Mango mixture (Mango puree 100g, heavy cream 100g & condensed milk 70g)
👉Fresh Mango chunks
➡Ready to assemble and add in mango mixture into the mold.
👉Matcha powder to dust before serving

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