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No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake 免烤蓝莓乳酪蛋糕 Easy recipe to prepare I made this cake …

No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake 💙💜 免烤蓝莓乳酪蛋糕

🔹Easy recipe to prepare
🔹I made this cake for my Mother in law’s Birthday
🔹My family love the taste and texture of the cake as it wasn’t overly sour or sweet. Everything is so balanced out and light 😋

6 Inch Springform Cake Pan

(Part A) Blueberry puree:
👉Fresh blueberries x 450g
👉Granulated sugar x 2 tablespoons
👉Lemon juice x 2-3 tablespoons
▶️Prepare with the Instant Pot, so add all ingredients part A inside the pot and sit for 10 minutes
▶️Set with “Pressure Cook” and cook for 1 minute
▶️Allow to natural release
▶️The let it cool down
▶️I prefer make it the day ahead and in a big batch so that I make use of blueberry purée for the next time

(Part B) Crust:
👉Crushed Crackers x 120g
👉Melted butter x 60g
➡️Mix both well in a bowl
➡️Then pour to the cake pan and press it tightly with a spatula
➡️Fridge for 30 minutes

(Part C) Cheesecake filling:
👉Philadelphia Cream cheese x 225g (soften with room temperature)
👉Granulated sugar x 66g
👉Plain Greek yogurt x 80g
👉Whipping cream x 120g
👉Blueberry puree x 80g
👉Gelatin powder x 8g
👉Water x 50ml (for gelatin)
➡️Can work with Kitchenaid and mix all the ingredients accordingly
➡️Pour over inside the cake pan and to be the second layer
➡️Fridge for about 5-6 hours

(Part D) Blueberry jelly :
👉Blueberry juice x 10g
👉Water x 150g
👉Granulated sugar x 2 tbsp
👉Gelatin powder x 7g
👉Fresh blueberry x 10-20 (for decoration)
➡️Mix everything except fresh blueberry and then microwave about 45-50 seconds
➡️Pour some of the mixture
➡️Decorate with blueberries if desired and then pour the rest of mixture
➡️Fridge for overnight and cover with foil for the top and bottom

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