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Mixed Berries Ice Cream What would be the best dessert during the Summer? Any…

Mixed Berries Ice Cream 🍨

🍓What would be the best dessert during the Summer? Anything cold would be the best to cool down 😎
🫐This homemade berries ice cream is one of my favorites, especially the berries sweeter around this time.
💞Here is the post to contribute & thanks to the awesome hosts of :
kitchenfulstories karen.t.ology

1️⃣Ice Cream Ingredients:
👉Heavy cream x 350ml
👉Condensed milk x 200ml
👉Homemade berries jam x 150g

2️⃣Homemade Berries Jam/Mixture Ingredient:
👉Strawberry and blueberry (total) x 2 pounds
👉Sugar x 80-100g
👉Juice from 1 lemon
👉Chia seeds x 1 tablespoon

3️⃣Toppings for DIY ice cream bowl lecreuset :
👉Fresh strawberry
👉Fresh mango
👉Chopped Pecans
👉Corn flakes

➡Churn in the KitchenAid kitchenaidusa Ice Cream bowl for 25-30 minutes.

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