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Mini Chocolate Fondue Happy Valentine’s Day How you celebrate your valentine’…

Mini Chocolate Fondue 🫕💘💖

❣️Happy Valentine’s Day 💝
❣️How you celebrate your valentine’s day? 💓
❣️My hubby and I choose to stay at home & celebrate our valentine’s by enjoying this mini chocolate fondue.
❣️I have this fondue set from the Le Creuset lecreuset
❣️Recipe adapted by honeysuckle

👉Heavy cream x 250g
👉Semi-sweet chocolate traderjoes x 220g
👉Unsalted butter x 1 tablespoon
👉Vanilla extract x 1 teaspoon

Dipping options:
👉Strawberry 🍓
👉Banana 🍌
👉Gold Nugget Mandarin 🍊
👉Original Flavor Pretzel Crisps
👉Sweet potato sticks

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