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Matcha Lava Cake & Ice Cream I love how this smooth lava came out. I remade thi…

Matcha Lava Cake & Ice Cream

💚I love how this smooth lava came out. I remade this the second time for the lava cake after the first time failure. And I was delighted about it.
☁️This sweet treat is definitely a Dreamy-Dish 🤤 the food that brings you that heavenly taste & positive vibes every time you eat it
💕Here is my contribution to the collaboration. Thanks to all hosts for organizing this ☁️collab : maya13_tr & foodie.bysujin
❇️If you’re interested in Matcha, go to my bio link & select Tenzo Matcha, and save yourself 15% with “JaHome15”

1️⃣Matcha Lava Cake Ingredients for 2 big or 4 small cakes:
👉White chocolate x 80g (melted)
👉Unsalted butter x 50g (melted)
👉Egg x 1
👉Salt x a pinch
👉AP flour x 25g
👉Matcha powder tenzotea x 1.5 teaspoons

➡Coat the flour around ramekin & keep in fridge
➡Mix everything
➡Keep in fridge for at least 30 minutes
➡Then bake 420F about 9min or wait till the seal is formed

2️⃣Matcha Ice Cream Ingredients:
👉Whipping cream sprouts x 100g
👉Oat milk oatly x 100g
👉Matcha powder tenzotea x 6g
👉Condensed milk 120g
👉Whipping cream (chilled) sprouts x 300g

➡Churn in the KitchenAid kitchenaidusa Ice Cream bowl for 25-30 minutes.

💕Presenting 5th Hgg Collab by team💖🥂

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