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Mango Lava Pudding Here is MY FIRST SUCCESSFUL KITCHEN EXPERIMENT for the dess…

Mango Lava Pudding 🥭

🧡Here is MY FIRST SUCCESSFUL KITCHEN EXPERIMENT for the dessert. I remember the first dessert I made was Agar-agar/jelly.
💛This time, I leveled up this mango pudding by adding some mango puree inside the pudding. So it acted like lava. I was excited when seeing the “lava” flowing out.
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❣️Thanks to the awesome hosts of – A Food Collaboration💕:

👉Mango mixture (Mango puree 100g, heavy cream 100g & condensed milk 70g) x 165g
👉Room temperature water x 350g-400g
👉Agar powder livingjin.official x 2 teaspoons
👉Mango puree (acting for Lava)
👉Topping: Fresh mango chunks
👉Mint leaves for garnish

➡Mix both mango mixture & water with a spatula until they reach 2 cups or 470ml.
➡Pour the mixture into a saucepan.
➡Ready to add agar powder into the saucepan.
➡Keep stirring for about 6-8 minutes with medium heat. Make sure the agar powder gets dissolved.
➡Pour the mango mixture into the mold.
➡️Add 1-1.5 spoon of mango purée in between of mango mixture.
➡Refrigerate for overnight.

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