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Lavender & Rose Madeleines Love lavender smell Rose Elusive hump Ingredient…

Lavender & Rose Madeleines

💜Love lavender smell
❤️Rose 🥀
💜Elusive hump

Ingredients Qty 16:
👉Whole egg x 3
👉Caster sugar x 72g
👉All purpose flour x 120g
👉Baking powder x 1 teaspoon
👉Ube powder x 10g
👉Salt x 1/4 tsp
👉Melted butter x 113g (microwave about 45 seconds)

👉Candy melt from Wilton
👉Edible Lavender buds
👉Edible rose petals 🥀

➡️Fridge the batter about an hour before baking which actually turn out very moist and soft
➡️Grease the baking pan with butter to avoid sticking
➡️Convection bake 350F for 15-18 minutes depends the shape of mold

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