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Italian Tuscan Sourdough Bread Thank you to everyone who voted me for the Round…

Italian Tuscan Sourdough Bread

🥰Thank you to everyone who voted me for the Round 1 competition.
🧡DON’T FEAR THE SPICE, as I leveled up this Sourdough bread, tastes so flavorful, although no toppings.
🧡This post is for the Italian Tuscan Round 2 competition organized by collectedfoods
❣️If you’re interested in any SPICES, go to my bio link & select Collected Foods collectedfoods and use code: “JaHome10” to get the 20% discount instead of 10% (extra discount only valid during competition).

1️⃣Levain (prepare ahead a day around 9pm):
👉Unfed starter x 35g
👉Bread flour kingarthurbaking x 50g
👉Rye flour x 25g
👉Water x 75g

2️⃣Sourdough Ingredients (second day around 7am):
👉Bread flour kingarthurbaking x 300 g
👉Whole wheat flour kingarthurbaking x 100 g
👉Rye flour x 100g
👉Water x 370-375g
👉Levain x 180g
👉Italian Seasoning Tuscan Grill collectedfoods x 3-4 teaspoons
👉Salt x 2 teaspoons

3️⃣Convection Bake with lecreuset Dutch Oven:
➡450F (with lid) 28 minutes
➡410F (without lid) 20 minutes

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