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Homemade Ube Pandesal Another soft and fluffy bread roll even though I wasn’t u…

Homemade Ube Pandesal

💜Another soft and fluffy bread roll even though I wasn’t using Tang Zhong method
💜Also covered with breadcrumbs and the most popular bread in the Philipines
💜Got inspired by miyapplepie 💓💗

Main Dough
▶️Bread flour x 480g
▶️Sugar x 50g
▶️Salt x 5g
▶️Instant yeast x 6g
▶️Mashed Ube x 200g
▶️Warm Milk x 250g
▶️Egg x 1
▶️Melted Unsalted butter x 55g
▶️Bread crumbs x 1/2 cup

▶️Chunky dark chocolate
▶️Cheddar cheese

➡️Kitchenaid machine working on dough about 10-15 minutes
➡️First proofing about 55 minutes with Instant Pot (set the Yogurt mode with low pressure)
➡️When the dough is ready, then divide equally for about 18 small dough (depends on the baking pan)
➡️Second proofing for 15 minutes
➡️Shape each piece into a ball and add in the fillings. Then, roll it in breadcrumbs, completely covering all sides
➡️Third proofing about 40 minutes
➡️Convection bake at 350F for 20 minutes

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