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Homemade Red Bean Steamed Rice Cake I was craving for red bean so decided to m…

Homemade Red Bean Steamed Rice Cake

🤎I was craving for red bean so decided to make something quick and easy
🤎I use Put Chai Ko 砵仔糕 recipe to prepare this snack but the difference is that I use sweetened red bean can
🤎The recipe is super easy for 4 small bowls and with a ready sweetened red bean can. This has save me some time from preparing the red beans. So you can’t expect that the red bean will float like how the other recipe should be.

Ingredients A:
*️⃣Rice flour 76g
*️⃣Wheat starch 6g
*️⃣Water 92 ml
➡️Mix these 3 ingredients with a whisk

Ingredients B:
*️⃣Brown sugar x 70g
*️⃣Water x 142ml
➡️Cook over the stove and make sure the sugar dissolve

Ingredients C:
*️⃣Japanese Ready Sweetened red bean can

➡️Grease some cooking oil and steam the bowls about 10 minutes while preparing on ingredients A and B
➡️Combined both mixture A and mixture B. Then sieve the combined mixture for 2 times to get a clear mixture
➡️Ready to add some sweetened red beans inside the bowls
➡️Ready to pour the mixture into the steamed bowls and steamed about 10-15 minutes

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