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Homemade Milk Mochi 鮮奶麻糬 Blue-colored Mochi made from Blue Spirulina Powder Pin…

Homemade Milk Mochi 鮮奶麻糬

💙Blue-colored Mochi made from Blue Spirulina Powder
💖Pink-colored Mochi made from Red dragon fruit powder pitayafoods
💚Green-colored Mochi made from Matcha powder
➡️Mochi texture is soft and smooth with slight chewiness
➡️Perfect for tea time or snack time especially when getting bored 😑 from work
➡️I kept Mochi for the 2nd day and the texture taste even better
➡️Thank you mumluvcook for inspiring me to make this snack

Basic Ingredients A (4-5 serving):
👉Glutinous rice flour x 200g
👉Sugar x 2tbsp
👉Salt x 1/8tsp
👉Milk x 350g
👉Oil x 12g
➡️Combine and whisk them well

Ingredients B:
👉Blue spirulina powder x 1 teaspoon
👉Red dragon fruit powder x 2 teaspoons
➡️Split half of mixture A and then each mixture add with different powders
➡️Once combine well, sieve both mixtures to 2 different glass bowls
➡️Steam with medium heat for 15 minutes
➡️When it’s ready, then knead both mochi with a spatula

Ingredients C:
👉Organic Peanut powder with sea salt traderjoes x 40g
👉Icing sugar x 15g
👉Black sesame powder x 40g
👉Icing sugar x 15g

Ingredients for Matcha Mochi (small serving):
👉Glutinous rice flour x 60g
👉Milk x 100g
👉Sugar x 20g
👉Salt x a pinch
👉Oil x 10g
👉Matcha powder x 2 teaspoons
👉Peanut Powder x 30g
👉Icing Sugar x 15g

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