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Homemade Kaya Toast Homemade this kaya (Malaysian Coconut Jam) spent about 1 h…

Homemade Kaya Toast

🥪Homemade this kaya (Malaysian Coconut Jam) spent about 1 hour, need a lot of patience, 🤣 however, the result was very satisfying as it turned out super smooth. 🙌
🥪I had the Sourdough soft Matcha bread slice toasted & added kaya and cold unsalted butter.
💕Thank you to the hosts for organizing this sandwich collab: chef_john3 letscookwithgeorge jitla7 toralskitchen rb_thefoodmaniac cleopatralovestoea

Homemade Kaya Ingredients:
👉Caster sugar x 250g
👉Coconut full cream x 200ml
👉Eggs x 4
👉Frozen Pandan leaves x 7 pcs
➡Double boiling method, stirring about 60 minutes with low heat

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