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Homemade Bubble-Tea Hot Pot Another way to celebrate Winter Solstice Festival …

Homemade Bubble-Tea Hot Pot

❄️Another way to celebrate Winter Solstice Festival
❄️Quite fun having this boba hot pot, I basically can add on whatever I love & definitely go with super less sweet milk tea

👉Homemade Chinese herbal jelly
👉Homemade soy milk pudding
👉Homemade matcha and red dragon fruit Tang Yuan
👉Taro balls
👉Multi-color tapioca pearl from 99ranchmarket
👉Decaffeinated breakfast tea bag x 2
👉Milk traderjoes
👉Ginger brown sugar

1️⃣Homemade Chinese herbal jelly
👉Chinese herbs jelly powder x 38g (Local Asian Store)
👉Water (room temperature) x 40ml
~Mix both together in a small bowl and become a thicker mixture
👉Water x 710ml
~Boil the water in a pot and then slowly add in the mixture and keep stir everything with a whisk

2️⃣Homemade soy milk pudding
👉Unsweetened Soy Milk traderjoes x 2 cups
👉Agar-agar powder livingjin.official x 1.5 teaspoon

3️⃣Homemade Tang Yuan
👉Glutinous flour x 125g
👉Hot water X 105g
👉Matcha powder / Red dragon fruit dried powder x 1/2 tablespoon

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