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Hojicha Mint Ice Cream Happy National Ice Cream day Thanks to my friend who gif…

Hojicha Mint Ice Cream

🍨Happy National Ice Cream day🍨
🌿Thanks to my friend who gifted me generous fresh mint leaves.
🌿The mint flavor brings the lingering cool effect when enjoying this ice cream.
🌿I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! National Ice Cream Day is celebrated every third Sunday in July, meaning July 18 this year. It’s another day of the year when you can eat as much ice cream as you want with no judgment!
💞Thank you to the group, especially to the hosts for organizing this collaboration: amcarmenskitchen chamaine_homemade daniellevaz35 riccascraving

👉Hojicha powder hojicha.co x 15g
👉Hot water x 30ml
👉Fresh Mint leaves x 35g
👉Milk 2% x 100ml
👉Whipping cream x 350ml
👉Condensed milk x 180g
➡Churn in the KitchenAid kitchenaidusa Ice Cream bowl for 25-30 minutes.

Toppings for DYI Ice Cream bowl lecreuset :
👉Homemade Blue pea and Osmanthus agar
👉Trix cereal
👉Chopped pecans

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