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Flavorful Braised Sea Cucumbers with Shiitake Mushroom 海参与蘑菇 I personally supe…

Flavorful Braised Sea Cucumbers with Shiitake Mushroom 🍄 海参与蘑菇

✴️I personally super love eating sea cucumbers. In Malaysia, this is very expensive food to eat. So my mom will only prepare this for special festival like CNY.
✴️I bought a pack of dried sea cucumber from costco with its very reasonable price
✴️My mom told me to buy and store another 2 packs, because she said it’s way too cheap 🤣🤣
✴️Sea cucumbers are incredibly nutritious, high in proteins and have unique textures like soft and elastic
✴️I followed the package instructions on how rehydrate and clean the sea cucumbers. It wasn’t much work to clean because the internal part of sea cucumber actually very clean, I cut them in half and make sure rinse with tap water
✴️I like the extra sauces/broth from the dish as it pair well with noodles or rice
✴️I didn’t cut the sea cucumbers in small slices, but they’re still very well done

👉Half chicken (remove skin & fat) and then marinate with cooking wine, white pepper and soy sauce
👉Shiitake Mushroom x 6 (soak for up to 5 hours and cut in small slices)
👉Mushroom water keep for cooking
👉Garlic x 5
👉Jujube x 3 (cut in small pieces, remove the seed)
👉Ginger powder x 1 teaspoon
👉Sesame oil x 2 tablespoons
👉Dried scallops x 5
👉Dark Soy sauce x 2 tablespoons
👉Oyster sauce x 2 tablespoons
👉Sugar x 2 teaspoons
👉Salt x 1/2 teaspoon
👉Sea cucumbers

➡️Sauté the garlic and jujube with sesame oil
➡️Add in chicken, mushroom, sauces, seasonings and sea cucumbers
➡️Instant Pot set “Meat” and cook for 5 minutes
➡️Let the pressure release after 10 minutes
➡️Scoop out the chicken and mushroom from the inner pot
➡️Choose sauté and let the sea cucumbers cook for another 5 minutes if want to get a better texture

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