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Eggless Brownie with Matcha Ice Cream Happy Weekend My first time has this si…

Eggless Brownie with Matcha Ice Cream

🤎Happy Weekend 🥰
🍫My first time has this simple & easy brownie mix renewalmill & . Super convenient for a quick sweet treat.
🍫Less hassle & less effort, especially you come back from the office or work from home.
🍫It’s even perfect when you have the brownie with homemade Matcha ice cream tenzotea (stay tuned for the recipe).

Ingredients Dark Chocolate Brownie (Eggless):
👉Dark Chocolate Brownies mix renewalmill x 1 pack
👉Avocado Oil x ¼ cup & 2 tablespoon
👉Hot water x ¾ cup
👉Mushroom Oat milk califiafarms x ½ cup

👉Almond slices
👉Chopped Walnut
👉Chocolate chips
➡Convection bake 350F for about 45 minutes

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