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Chicken Rendang with Thin Spaghetti Enjoy Weekend! It’s always lovely to enjoy…

Chicken Rendang with Thin Spaghetti

🧡Enjoy Weekend! 🥰
🍝It’s always lovely to enjoy fusion pasta, especially combines both different cultures.
🍝I didn’t expect to see this Malaysian Ayam Brands from 99ranchmarket , so I’m excited to try it out.
💞Here is my contribution for hosted by: maya13_tr skylar_ralyks8 hakunamatataeats

Ingredients lecreuset :
👉Thin spaghetti safeway x 8oz (boil in hot water about 4 minutes)
👉Avocado oil
👉Chicken thighs wholefoods in cube size
👉Ayam Brands Rendang paste
👉Green beans
👉Cinnamon sticks x 2
👉Star anise x 2
👉Soy sauce
👉Sugar to taste
👉Salt to taste
👉Dried parsley x 1

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