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Brown Sugar Steamed Cake aka Fatt Koh 笑口红糖发糕 This Fatt Koh aka Huat Kueh is a t…

Brown Sugar Steamed Cake aka Fatt Koh 笑口红糖发糕

✴️This Fatt Koh aka Huat Kueh is a traditional Chinese steamed cake (also known as Prosperity Cakes)
✴️I remember my mom used to make this steamed cake especially for festive season like CNY or as an offering item for prayers
✴️Easy recipe and not much efforts to prepare this cupcake-like pastry
✴️Soft and moist, can be served warm or stored at room temperature until the next day

👉All purpose flour – Sifted x 250g
👉Baking powder x 16g or 4 teaspoons
👉Baking soda x 1/4 teaspoon
👉Brown sugar x 120g
👉Honey x 20g
👉Hot water x 250ml
👉Oil x 53g

➡️80g brown sugar mix with honey
➡️Pour 250 ml of hot water into the sugar and mix well.
➡️250g plain flour and 16g baking powder are mixed evenly and sifted
➡️Add the brown sugar water into the flour and mix well.
➡️Add oil and continue to mix well
➡️Put the batter into the each container, then let the batter rest for 10 minutes
➡️Boil water in the pot first, after boiling, put the batter in and steam for 25-30 minutes on high heat. Then turn off the heat, keep another 5 mins before take them out.

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