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Blue Pea Sourdough Focaccia Happy July 1st!! I love blue and purple, so I am …

Blue Pea Sourdough Focaccia 💙

💙💜Happy July 1st!!
💙I love blue and purple, so I am trying to play the color on Sourdough.
💜Again, I wasn’t planning to make this Focaccia, but the dough was too wet, so I decided to make it as Focaccia instead of throwing the dough away.
💙The texture was very puffy and soft!
💞Here is the post to contribute this FUN and hosts by cloudbyaicha & emilyceara07.

1️⃣Levain Ingredients:
👉Mature unfed starter X 50g
👉Unbleached flour x 50g
👉Filtered or bottled water x 50 g

2️⃣Sourdough Ingredients:
👉Bread flour x 400g
👉Whole wheat flour x 100 g
👉Blue Pea powder x 12g
👉Water any kind x 370-375 g
👉Salt x 10 g

👉Cherry tomatoes
👉Dried herbs (Herbs De Provence)
👉Olive oil (be generous)

➡️Convection bake 425F for about 30-35 minutes.

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