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Avocado Toast with Caviar Happy Toast Tuesday! Ever since I started homemade …

Avocado Toast with Caviar

💚Happy Toast Tuesday!
🥑Ever since I started homemade sourdough bread, it’s rare for me to order avocado toast from the coffee shop.
🥑It’s a much cheaper DIY at home. Of course, only if you have time.
🥪Which one is your preference? Simple avocado toast or avocado smoked salmon toast? I like both.
🥪When I was preparing this, I was hungry, so I didn’t spend time presenting it beautifully as a café shop will do.
💕Thanks to the awesome hosts of : maya13_tr allyoucanvirgi naomithefoodmaker

Ingredients for Picture 1:
👉Homemade Sourdough bread cut in slice
👉Fresh avocado
👉Black sesame seeds
👉Salmon caviar

Ingredients for Picture 2:
👉Homemade Sourdough bread in slice
👉Fresh avocado
👉Smoked king salmon
👉Dried parsley
👉Salmon caviar
👉Cherry tomatoes

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