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Assam Fish Fillets with Noodles Happy Weekends This is my instant way to prepa…

Assam Fish Fillets with Noodles

Happy Weekends 🥰
🍜This is my instant way to prepare both fish and noodles in one pot.
🍜I like how the noodles absorb this Assam flavor. Super flavorful.
🍜Noodles are one of the most popular dishes and loved by a vast majority of world’s population.
🍜A staple food across many cultures globally, with so many variants! These are not only delicious but its quick and easy to make! So, we foodbloggers from all across the globe have come together to share “Noodles_ the way we like it”
💕Thank you to the hosts mannioberoifoodstreet manjzaaika, for organizing this AWESOME collaboration.

👉Avocado oil x 1-2 tablespoons
👉Garlic x 3
👉Scallion x 2
👉Fish fillet – Sea bass x 500g
👉Oyster mushroom x 3 (cut in slices)
👉Cherry tomatoes
👉Long beans x 5-6
👉Napa cabbage
👉Assam paste x half pack
👉Rice stick noodles (Pho)
👉Chicken broth less sodium x 200-300ml
👉Salt to taste
👉Green onion for garnish

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