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Air Fryer Lamb Chops It’s Midweek! Hang on there! My first attempt at air fryi…

Air Fryer Lamb Chops

🍖It’s Midweek! Hang on there! 🤗
🍖My first attempt at air frying the lamb chops, and they’re so fragrant and juicy!!! 🌿The spices made the lamb taste so succulent.
🍖My hubby is not a lamb person, but he approved this recipe.

👉Olive oil x 2-3 tablespoons
👉Dry herbs (Herbs De Provence) traderjoes x 2-3 teaspoons
👉Black peppers x a pinch
👉Garlic powder x 2-3 teaspoons
👉Salt x ½ teaspoons
👉Paprika powder x 1-2 teaspoons
👉Lamb chops (medium size) sprouts x 6 chops

➡Marinate the chops with all the seasonings overnight.
➡Air Fryer cuisinart : 17-20 minutes with 350F. Flip them after first 10 minutes.

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