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Air Fryer Egg with Toast Morning Toast Tuesday! I was curious how the egg tast…

Air Fryer Egg with Toast

✴️Morning Toast Tuesday!
🍳I was curious how the egg tastes from the air fryer. My first attempt, so easy & no mess to prepare a fast & easy egg.
🍳The toast was perfect with the air fryer egg and flavorful herb ham. This ham can get from costco. It was offering a good deal.

👉Hojicha Sourdough TangZhong milk bread x 1 slice (stay tuned for the recipe)
👉Oven-roasted Rosemary ham citterio_usa x 1-2 slices
👉Air fryer egg x 1
👉Caviar x 1 teaspoon
👉Dried parsley x a pinch
👉Black pepper x a pinch
👉Homegrown Cherry tomatoes

➡Spray the canola oil on the ramekin and break the egg.
➡Air fryer cuisinart the egg 350F for about 6-8 minutes depends on how you want the Yolk running.

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